Vitruvian Medical understands that the privileging process for locum tenens jobs can be both time sensitive and time consuming. It is our policy to work directly with the client from start to finish expediting the documents necessary for deadlines and facility requirements. Since each placement differs according to the facility requirements, workload of the Medical Staff and history of the practitioner, our staff maintains a high level of urgency and adaptability. Vitruvian Medical also assists the Anesthesiologist or CRNA with the complete application process to keep his/her workload to a minimum.

Once the assignment is confirmed, to make certain the privileging process goes as smoothly as possible, we follow the process below:

  • Vitruvian Medical contacts the Medical Staff Coordinator or appropriate contact to inform them of the practitioner’s name, specialty and dates of assignment. At this time we inquire about the facility’s process and how they prefer to proceed with the privileging.
  • Our team completes the application with all information except for yes/no questions, claims information, requested delineation of privileges and signatures. This ensures that all information will be legible and that all requested addresses, phone and fax numbers will be included to avoid any delay in processing.
  • The application, along with the client’s forwarding information and instructions, is sent to the physician or CRNA for review of accuracy and completion.
  • The requested credentials of the practitioner are forwarded to the client. Any required item not previously obtained through our in-house credentialing process is requested from the practitioner immediately.
  • We follow-up with the practitioner until all questions are answered, if any, to ensure the client receives the completed application in a timely manner.
  • Once the client has received the application, our locum tenens firm works closely with their contact to assist in obtaining verifications (making follow-up calls, sending faxes, or requesting additional information from the practitioner) or needed information to complete the process.
  • Once the process is complete and the issuing authority has signed off on the application, Vitruvian Medical reconfirms the start date of the assignment; any necessary travel accommodations and a contact or location for the practitioner to report to once he/she arrives.

Vitruvian Medical understands it is our responsibility not only to assist with the privileging process, but also to assist the facility with keeping its files current. We guarantee our staff will be available and capable to support the needs of the client and practitioner throughout this process.