At Vitruvian Medical our recruiters are consultants to you and your practice. They are trained in the traditional and most up-to-date means of sourcing practitioners in a very timely and cost effect way, ensuring your locum tenens needs are met. We understand time is of the essence when it comes to staffing. We are dedicated to securing qualified locum tenens practitioners in order to prevent lost revenue or shortages of staff.

Here are some benefits of using Vitruvian Medical for your locum tenens needs:

  • Quick response time in presenting qualified practitioners
  • Fully screened and credentialed practitioners through primary source verification
  • Coordinate directly with your medical staff office for all privileging
  • Travel and Accommodations arranged by our in-house coordinator
  • Payroll of practitioners handled internally
  • Medical malpractice covered on all practitioners
  • Conduct performance reviews and evaluations on each practitioner