Louise S., CRNA

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“As a CRNA locums provider, Vitruvian has provided me with personal attention for placement confirmations, streamlined credentialing, open communication, fully organized travel and on time remuneration.”

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Kurt S., M.D.

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“I’ve enjoyed working with Vitruvian Medical over the past four years. They have been consistently reliable, responsive and professional…Unlike big national firms that I’ve worked with in the past, I deal with a single primary contact…I never feel like a bunch of people are competing for my time and keeping me in the dark.”

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Greg A., CRNA

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“I have worked with Vitruvian for several months and they have been a real pleasure with which to work. If there is any problem, they are readily available, and it is solved in no time. I would highly recommend Vitruvian to any CRNA.”

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Tom M., M.D.

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“I have certainly enjoyed working with Vitruvian Medical over the years and I am delighted to have the opportunity to express my thanks. Vitruvian has extended the type of personal, friendly working relationship and professional attention to details that makes travel and work mesh seamlessly. I appreciate their efforts in finding me high quality assignments […]

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David G., M.D.

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“I have worked with Vitruvian Medical since their inception. All my assignments were as presented and I have had a great rapport with all the staff. The handling of travel, accommodation and payroll is superb. I have never had a problem with Vitruvian Medical and am very happy to keep working with them.”

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Adeleke O., CRNA

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“Vitruvian Medical is one of the best staffing agencies I’ve ever encountered. Their team is highly professional; everyone from Wendy; their staffing consultant, to Erica in the accounts department. Even Jessica in credentialing, makes that process simply painless. The accounts that this company staffs are top notch and are desired by everyone in our profession; […]

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